About us

Crown Agrinet was born in 2011 as part of the alliance between Crown MG - specialized in professional management of small and medium-sized investors’ funds - and a group of renowned figures from the farming sector. The objective is to manage investments in agriculture, cattle and agribusiness in general.

In 2013 the portfolio of investing clients and associates of Crown Agrinet grows, more farmland is incorporated, and stockbreeding is included in the investment portfolio; furthermore, a regional investment fund invests in Crown’s farming projects and the company acquires a regional profile in the agribusiness management area.

In 2014 Crown Agrinet spreads out, promoting projects in the field of agribusiness services, looking to increase efficiency in all the value chain, from sowing and technical monitoring during cultivation; up to harvesting, commercializing of grains and overall management.

Our Team

We put at your disposal a team of experts with broad experience, at the local and international levels, in areas such as project management, finance, taxes, legal, investment, production, harvest, manufacture, transport and commercialization.

Crown Agrinet, a partner in your business.

Crown Agrinet transparently reports the costs for running each business through an itemized project budget at the beginning of the fiscal year and an annual balance sheet at year-end. Our company’s profit is a percentage of the investor’s profits. Your money goes directly to fund the project’s cost.

If you win, we win.

Products and Projects

Business Model

The business model is based on products and services developed by Crown Agrinet in an integrated management offer characterized by the following:

  • 1

    FACILITATING ACCESS We facilitate access of small and medium-sized investors to different points in the agribusiness value chain. We provide high value added products with mitigated risk.

  • 2

    PRODUCTIVE INVESTMENT PRODUCTS We develop investment products in the Uruguayan farming market, working with a team of professionals in the areas of production, commercialization and management.

  • 3

    REDUCING RISK We mitigate the investment risk by facilitating access to insurance policies, pricing and fiscal advice that is customized for our investors.

  • 4

    TRANSPARENCY We offer permanent access to the investment’s performance (ongoing tasks, metrics by item), and offer visits to the premises during sowing, harvest, transport, drying and storage.

Current product portfolio

Crown Agrinet facilitates access of small and medium-sized investors, to profitable projects, that are usually done by large investors. Investment scales, diversification in the production localization (domestic and international), and risk mitigation instruments, allow us to reduce project deviations and increase the return on the investment for any participating individual or institution.

Minimum investment: US$30,000 for a period of at least 3 years.
Typology: high performance and medium risk.
Crown Agrinet has carried out overall management of investments from foreign farming investment funds for more than two years. We select the land for our clients, lease it and develop the project jointly; we carry out technical monitoring, purchase of supplies, harvest, commercialization and accounting and prepare reports.

Minimum investment: US$250,000 for a period of at least 4 years.
Typology: high performance and medium risk.
Crown Agrinet offers the opportunity to invest in cattle. We offer the possibility to invest your money in the purchase of steers and increase their weight within a period of one year for slaughter. Investment rounds are carried out until completing the cattle quota required by the owners of the land with which Crown Agrinet has commercialization agreements.

Minimum investment: US$30,000 in cattle for a period of at least 15 months for stockbreeding.
Typology: high income and low risk.
Crown Agrinet offers investors the opportunity to invest in land, optimize their productive business with the objective of asset appreciation, and maximize their income by allocating the amount needed to produce it in the livestock-forest-agriculture trust fund FIDAG. The appreciation of the land is achieved, maximizing income and high risk mitigation by placing cost-farm incomes in a low cost pool of 15 other farms managed by our company. Crtical production mass of and economies of scale is achieved.

Minimum investment: variable depending on the size and quality of the land.
Type: average return and low risk.
Crown Agrinet offers investors the opportunity to have their farm managed by a professional team, seeking to optimize their production and maximize their income by taking advantage of economies of scale; you farm becomes a part of the group of farms managed by our company. As an option, you can maximize income by allocating the amount needed to produce your farm in the livestock-forest-agriculture pool of operations managed by Crown.

Minimum investment: according to the project submitted.
Type: average return and low risk.
Foreign or local, individual or institutional investors, sometimes require projects that respond to their specific needs. Crown Agrinet develops customized projects in every aspect, among others: technical, legal and fiscal aspects.

According to the amount of investment and professional needs, special treatment will be given to individual or corporate investors whose investment exceeds U $ S200.000. They will have a dedicated executive to answer your questions.


Crown Agrinet manages funds for other companies and fund managers. Professionalism in management, monitoring and information managed by Crown Agrinet has resulted in the growth of this service.


Crown Agrinet advises its clients on subjects related to business management, (domestic and international) taxes, finance, investment; and production technical subjects, harvest, manufacture, transport and commercialization. This advice is essential for identifying the needs and opportunities that a company or individual have for maximizing results in their farming business.


We provide bundled services to respond in a timely manner to the needs of our customers. In this way we can reduce costs and increase efficiency and quality in areas such as sowing, spraying, monitoring, harvesting, marketing and integrated management of livestock and agriculture operations. We also offer our own services in the area of sowing, spraying, and transport.

These services are provided using cutting edge production technologies applied to tillage, crop rotation, balanced fertilization, integrated pest management, and sustainable production.





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